Telfer Mini Diggers specialise in works that require smaller earthmoving machinery  e.g.  ideal for manouvering around pipes and saving you from 'back-breaking' landscaping preparation.

We can carry out all your requirements for general earthworks, excavation works, plumbing and landscaping preparation and particularly narrow site access works.

we carry out
  • Bucket work

-  Moving soil, stone, concrete

-  General material

  • Levelling for landscaping preparation

  • Post holes

  • Stump grinding

  • Small tree removal

  • General earthworks for

-  Builders

-  Plumbers

-  Landscapers

-  Electricians

-  Home owners

-  Others​

Telfer Mini Diggers' Excavator has hydraulic track reduction to 950 mm wide to negotiate tight site access  -  then expands to 1200 mm wide for working.


Our Viking Mini Loader is 970 mm wide at the wheels / 1050 mm at the bucket.

Narrow entrance site access  -  no problem!
  • Concrete thickenings

-  Small driveways

  • Plumbing preparation

-  Stormwater

-  Sewerage

-  Drainage

  • Trenching

-  Footings

-  Electricity

-  General